The Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color is a network of national, regional, and community foundations working toward a world where boys and men of color enjoy full inclusion in all the economic, educational, leadership, and wellness opportunities that America has to offer.


EA grows the breadth, depth, and coordination of philanthropy’s commitment to and investment in the safety, wellness, and success of boys and men of color. We are driven by a bold vision of a world where boys and men of color…

  • No longer face structural and systemic barriers to success
  • Are fully included in economic, educational, leadership, and wellness opportunities
  • Live, work, and play in environments where they and their families can thrive

About The EA

As we achieve this vision, families, communities, and the nation will grow stronger because of it.

Our Guiding Principles

Just as important as what we do is how we do it. The following principles guide our collective work:

  • We focus explicitly on racial justice at the intersection with gender.
  • We prioritize systemic and structural change as a complement to individual and service-based interventions.
  • We work to change the false and damaging narratives about boys and men of color.
  • We amplify youth voice and leadership.
  • We aim to shift public policy for long-term change.
  • We focus on local communities and respecting local knowledge.
  • We leverage public dollars to scale efforts whenever possible.
  • We leverage corporate dollars.
  • We share knowledge about best practices.
  • We help ensure sustainability of the work.
  • We maintain a sense of urgency for action.


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