Our funder workgroups, known as Collective Action Tables (CATs), are our main engines for communication, shared learning, and coordination among member foundations. The CATs also serve as platforms for incubating and catalyzing strategic collaboration and co-investment on issues affecting boys and men of color.

Since their inception, the CATs have provided strategic direction to the EA network and have  launched notable collaborations that have strengthened the BMOC field.

Participation in CATs is open to all staff of member foundations. Each CAT is led by a pair of co-conveners from member foundations, with support from EA staff and subject-matter experts who serve as consultants.

Member foundations typically join and participate in the CATs that best align with their organizational mission and funding priorities.

Explore These Working Groups

Narrative Change

Fostering accurate, holistic, and asset-based narratives by, for, and about boys and men of color.

Place-Based Initiatives

Expanding local and regional efforts to support boys and men of color.

Justice Reform & Public Safety

Supporting progressive efforts to advance justice reform, redirect resources to communities, and create policies that keep boys and men of color free, safe, and thriving.

School Discipline & Healthy Climate

Coordinating strategies and investing in efforts to create healthy, nurturing, and equitable education systems for young men of color.