Foundation CEOs Circle

Direct involvement of foundation chief executives is perhaps the most critical component of our approach to mobilizing philanthropic support for the BMOC movement. These chief executives participate in a unique peer community through our CEOs’ Circle sessions, where they have critical discussions about current trends in the BMOC field during our semiannual membership meetings.

In between membership meetings, communication among these foundation executives fosters additional exchanges of ideas, strategy development, and co-investment opportunities.  The chief executives deliberate and respond to recommendations from the EA staff and CATs, which urge specific collective investment strategies or leadership actions. This forum has produced multiple actions, including instances when they have raised their collective voice to issue important public statements:

Letter to the Editor: Poor Language Choices on Formerly Incarcerated People

Letter to President Obama Urging Executive Clemency Action

Letter to President Obama Urging Fair-Chance Hiring in Federal Hiring/Contracting

Open Letter on “Peace and Protest” in Ferguson