Narrative Change

The Narrative Change Collective Action Table (CAT) aims to influence how philanthropy understands and supports efforts that challenge the dominant narratives about boys and men of color—narratives that are often false, deficit-based, and demeaning.  This work spans the realm of individuals and institutions, inviting funders to consider how their own thinking and institutional approaches also may be impacted by those dominant narratives.  These inquiries can lead to not only deeper investments, but a reorientation of how funders engage the young men of color who their work is intended to support.  Addressing these types of questions helps Narrative Change CAT participants align their grantmaking and leadership with their institutional values, opening new transformative possibilities for their philanthropic efforts.

The Narrative Change CAT’s current priorities include supporting a diverse array of content creators who use asset-based framing of boys and men of color. To that end, the CAT is partnering with key field organizations to roll out a promotional campaign for His-Story: Shifting Narratives for Boys and Men of Color, a forthcoming toolkit designed to aid philanthropy in funding and supporting accurate, holistic narratives about boys and men of color.

Together, our members aspire to cultivate ambitious, complex stories about boys and men of color, spin them into the world in big ways, and directly support the voices of boys and men of color in innovative, far-reaching ways.  We urge funders to not only invest generously in our young men’s development, but also to trust their leadership as the architects of their own liberation and captains of their own narratives.


Toya Randall, Casey Family Programs

Oronde Miller, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Program Manager

Ariana Austin, the EA