Researchers have released a new report, "Black Men Making it in America" which details two specific findings: that the share of black men in poverty has fallen from 41% in 1960 to 18% today, and that the share of black men in the middle or upper class has risen from 38% in 1960 to 57% today.

A new study from researchers at Stanford University, Harvard University, and the Census Bureau has found that the widening wealth gap between Black men and White men is driven entirely by the difference in wage and employment rates, and that this wealth gap is present even among Black and White men who grew up in the same neighborhoods and attended the same schools.

Young men of color are taking center stage in the fight for stronger gun-control laws. They are rightfully noting the irony of America’s outpouring of support for White students in places such as Parkland, Florida, but the lack of support for students of color--some of who are frequently affected by gun violence. 

As the recent blowout success of Marvel’s Black Panther has shown, multi-dimensional, asset-based narratives have the power to reframe how society sees boys and men of color and even how they see themselves.


The EA’s mission has been covered in the philanthropic press since the network was founded. See below for selected press mentions.

The "ban the box" movement urges grant makers not to ask job applicants about arrests or convictions.

As fires burned in Baltimore and thousands of the city’s residents expressed anger at police treatment of blacks, foundation executives meeting in San Francisco renewed their commitment to fighting racial inequality.

Giving for causes benefiting black males more than doubled from 2010 to 2012, according to a new report.

The Executives' Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color has announced the launch of a three-year, $10 million initiative aimed at identifying and addressing the needs of boys and men of color.

Led by the Deaconess Foundation of Missouri, members and allies of the Executives’ Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Men and Boys of Color released a statement on Monday asking for an observance of civil liberties in response to any demonstrations that may occur after the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting.