The collaborative efforts of the Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color are rooted in an analysis of structural inequality, and our actions are focused on changing policies and systems that harm boys and men of color, their families, and communities.

As such, our work is often intentionally disruptive of the more comfortable approaches in the BMOC sector that focus exclusively on service-delivery models. While we recognize the value of service delivery, we know it is an incomplete solution for the challenges facing boys and men of color.

Our collaborative efforts are, in many ways, trailblazing. Therefore, our work is less a sprint than a marathon, but we have seen early signs of impact and progress through our key initiatives. These philanthropic actions support efforts to remove systemic barriers to success for boys and men of color, provide rapid response during crisis moments, and more.


Check out these reports that describe the EA’s impact on philanthropy and the movement for boys and men of color.

Key Initiatives