Our Place-Based Initiatives Collective Action Table (CAT) expands local and regional efforts to support boys and men of color, including leveraging philanthropic resources to influence the reallocation of public dollars while also increasing public and private commitments. Its work is anchored by our members’ belief that systemic change must happen on all levels—most powerfully in the local communities where boys and men of color live, and with them as architects of this change.

Place-Based CAT members have individually and jointly galvanized a range of local efforts to help community stakeholders, government officials, and organizations implement systemic strategies to expand opportunities for boys and men of color. 

Our members contributed to the development of a field assessment commissioned by the EA to assess the capacity, architecture, challenges, and opportunities of the local BMOC nonprofit infrastructure in 12 cities dubbed “Places of Opportunity” sites. In addition to helping galvanize new interest and resources in some of the cities, the process revealed the deep talent and opportunities for alignment in the field. The assessment also noted the field’s sometimes-fragile infrastructure and the need to build capacity to address policy and systemic issues.  The Place-Based CAT participants have also selected four “deep dive” sites where they hope to ramp up their leadership and investments:  Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; Buffalo, NY; and Little Rock, AR.


Antoinette Malveaux, Casey Family Programs

Ray Colmenar, The California Endowment

Program Manager

Ariana Austin, the EA